Our vision for a venue which would deliver a high-quality restaurant experience directly to the home, has resulted in Zizzona.

A classical but warm, tasteful interior with our striking custom-made mosaic tiled wood fired oven, welcomes customers to sit and enjoy a drink whilst they watch their food being created by one of our master chefs. Alternatively, orders can be placed by telephone or by using our online service, but however you place your order, our aim is to provide a first- class experience, as well as first-class food.

Our chefs bring a wealth of experience and tradition, and combined with the vision, innovation and uncompromising standards of the owner, we believe that once you have tried Zizzona, you will not settle for anything less. Whatever we create, we do so by using only exceptional seasonal ingredients which have been vigilantly sourced from both Italian and local British suppliers. With this in mind our suppliers have been carefully selected in order to help us maintain our ethos.

Our Suppliers


The importance of using high quality flour, especially in the creation of pizza, cannot be underestimated, and known as the ‘gold standard’ of pizza flour, Caputo was our obvious choice. Produced in Naples since 1924, and now into its 3rd generation, this 100% natural and additive free flour is internationally recognized as the best pizza flour in the world, and we are delighted that it is an integral ingredient in the Zizzona pizza.


Tangarina are the dairy specialists who propose quality and typicality to their customers, and aim their products at the finest palates. Based in the southern province of Salerno, Tanagrina have been producing quality Mozzarella for over 30 years, and we are proud to bring the pride of Campania to Zizzona.


All our cured meats are expertly produced by Moretti Salumi di Tradizione, who have maintained their exacting standards for over 20 years in the province of Cosenza. They constantly invest their attention to detail in the selection of raw materials and due to the favourable climate of the Calabrian mountains, the quality of the seasoning is greatly enhanced. Their refined integration between tradition and innovation also makes them a perfect supply partner for Zizzona.

Grom Gelaterie

Although Grom only date back to 2002, their traditional values as well as mouth-watering flavours made them an ideal choice for Zizzona. Creamy flavours using only the freshest high-grade milk, free range eggs and the finest calibre raw ingredients, most of which are grown on their own organic farm in Turin. This exceptional gelato is free from additives and colourings and we are confident that our customers will recognize and enjoy its’ superior quality.